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Leaf Music Distribution Proudly Presents: “SHANTIES! LIVE” from La Nef and Chor Leoni

Halifax, NS – Leaf Music Distribution announces the release of the cross Canada collaborative album, Shanties! LIVE, on May 6, 2022. Featuring the acclaimed La Nef (Montreal, QC), shanty master Seán Dagher, and the voices of Juno-nominated Chor Leoni (Vancouver, BC) under the direction of Erick Lichte, the high-energy album contains rollicking sea shanties, haunting laments, and exhilarating sea songs. 

Shanties! LIVE was recorded live at the Chan Centre for Performing Arts in February 2020 at a performance presented by Early Music Vancouver. Originally conceived when members of La Nef were hired to sing sea shanties for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, the program features songs of travel, adventure, and missing loved ones who are far away. The songs proved so addictive that La Nef presented them in concert in 2014, and its album, Sea Songs & Shanties, was released in 2017. La Nef has been touring this program ever since.

“Chor Leoni was the perfect instrument to bolster and complement our original crew,” says Seán Dagher, Musical and Artistic Co-Director of La Nef. “Our collaboration gave La Nef the opportunity to take the music even farther than we have on our voyage so far.” Seán is one of the most popular shanty experts and receives thousands of weekly views on his series Shanty of the Week. 

“These songs are buoyant, driving and devilishly catchy, and the collaboration between the two ensembles takes them to a really grand scale,” says Erick Lichte, Artistic Director of Chor Leoni. “The concert recording does an excellent job of conveying the excitement of the program and the enthusiasm of the audience. We hope this album leaves you humming the tunes and thinking of adventures on the high seas.”

The 14-song tracklist of Shanties! LIVE includes pieces specifically re-arranged for the collaboration between La Nef and the men’s choir, with new sections and new textures to fully exploit the possibilities offered by the combined ensemble. Soloists featured on the album include: Seán Dagher, voice/cittern; Nils Brown, tenor; Michiel Schrey, tenor; Clayton Kennedy, baritone; David Gossage, flutes/percussion/voice; Nelson Carter, violin/voice/percussion; and Bill Gossage, double bass/voice.

The album will be available for purchase and streaming online, and through Chor Leoni and La Nef beginning on May 6.

About Chor Leoni Men’s Choir (

Known internationally and loved locally, JUNO-nominated Chor Leoni is recognized as one of the vanguard male vocal ensembles in North America. Founded by the late choral luminary Diane Loomer and now led by Artistic Director Erick Lichte, Vancouver’s Singing Lions have enriched and transformed people’s lives through singing for 30 years. With stylistic grace and an adventurous spirit, Chor Leoni performs in many languages, styles and genres, always aiming to communicate, engage, and entertain.

About La Nef (

La Nef is an ensemble that creates and produces music ranging from early music and ancient oral traditions to contemporary world music. Their creative approach to an array of distinctive styles has given them a unique musical signature. Their Musical Director and Artistic Co-director, Seán Dagher, is a composer and musical director also well-known for his “Shanty of the Week” video series.


Release date: May 06, 2022

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Halifax-based Leaf Music Distribution is excited to announce SHANTIES! LIVE from La Nef and Chor Leoni. This high-energy album features sea songs and shanties of all kinds from a one-night-only collaboration of these two choirs. Performed at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts in Vancouver, this program features arrangements and vocal orchestrations by Seán Dagher. These catchy sea songs speak of travel, adventure and missing loved ones who are far away.