Leaf Music is pleased to announce the company’s new distribution service: Leaf Music Distribution.
The new service delivers music releases to major digital retailers and streaming platforms through Leaf Music’s long-time partnership with Naxos of America.

Marketing and Promotion:

  • Leaf Music Distribution prepares and executes a one-month digital marketing and publicity campaign.
  • Emphasis is placed on increasing the artist’s profile in North America.
  • We work with our clients to secure press and reviews and to increase social media engagement on artist profiles.
  • The company and artist will consider shared goals and make appropriate and realistic investments to achieve this success.
  • One-month publicity campaigns begin two weeks before the release date and continue in the first two weeks after the release date of the sound recording.

Leaf Music Distribution includes the following:

  • Release a single, EP or full-length sound recording on more than 40 digital streaming and download services
  • Streaming playlist pitching and submission
  • Professional publicists to write and distribute a press release

Clients may also select one of the following additional services:

  • In-house marketing professionals to direct digital marketing and PR campaigns
  • Paid digital marketing on music, video and social media platforms
  • Paid print advertising in a music publication
  • Radio promotion and tracking

To pitch your project to Leaf Music Distribution or for pricing information, please contact us.