En Route

“En Route” is an album from Canadian violinist Gillian Smith that features five new solo violin compositions by Canadian composers Carmen Braden, Amy Brandon, Derek Charke, Corie Rose Soumah, and Hsiu-Ping Patrick Wu. The concept behind these pieces is the concept of voices: voices being heard for the first time, voices being heard in new ways, and voices interacting in new ways. Each composer approached this concept in a unique way and featured the violin in a particular light. In the title track, Hsiu-Ping Patrick Wu pays tribute to his Taiwanese heritage and journey to Canada.  The resulting composition and the cover painting of the album En Route interweaves elements of nostalgia, resilience, and determination. Gillian Smith is known across Canada as an enthusiastic advocate for contemporary music, and this album promises a captivating musical experience that showcases pieces that push the boundaries of solo violin repertoire, including pieces that incorporate vocalization.

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November 3, 2023

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