VB8 | Winter Magic

Release Date: December 1, 2023

UPC: 3191684102535

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Catalog Number : VB2023

Discover the ultimate holiday soundtrack with “Winter Magic with VB8: a 21st Century Christmas.” Featuring the acclaimed octet from Montreal’s esteemed chamber choir, Voces Boreales, this album is a seamless blend of traditional Christmas elements and contemporary compositions. It speaks to a broad audience of Yuletide music lovers, offering a fresh perspective on classic favourites like “Magnificat” by René Clausen and the enduring French carol “Un Flambeau, Jeannette, Isabelle.”

Adding to its lustre, the album showcases transcendent pieces from modern composers, such as “O Radiant Dawn” by James MacMillan and “Silent Dawn” by Timothy Corlis. Comprising 19 tracks that range from the ethereal to the celebratory, this album is the perfect backdrop for decorating your tree, enjoying holiday gatherings, or basking in the quietude of a Christmas morning.

With “Winter Magic with VB8,” your festive season will be imbued with an experience that’s simultaneously nostalgic and groundbreaking. Make this extraordinary collection a permanent part of your holiday traditions.