Space Time Continuo | terra e cielo

Release Date: March 8, 2024

UPC: 3191684102603


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Catalog Number: STC2024

Space Time Continuo’s newest release, “terra e cielo”, is a captivating journey re-imagining Italian vocal and instrumental music spanning the late Renaissance and early Baroque periods. Drawing inspiration from the rich textures available to basso continuo instruments, Space Time Continuo, performs with their improvisatory spirit in works by Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi, Diego Ortiz, Giulio and Francesca Caccini and Girolamo Frescobaldi.  A new addition to the group, a lirone made by Francis Beaulieu in 2023, provides an auditory window into the divine, depicting scenes of heaven and tears. The playful musicians interpret the vocal and instrumental lines, performing on plucked strings, keyboards, and low-pitched bowed and wind instruments. With imaginative flair, “terra e cielo” showcases the beauty and versatility of these instruments, transporting listeners to a time where music and artistry flourished in harmony.