Luminos Ensemble

Luminos Ensemble is a Charlottetown-based professional choir of trained vocal soloists formed in 2017. Their music has been described as “sublimely beautiful,” received a nomination from the East Coast Music Awards in the inaugural Best Choral Recording of the Year category in 2023 for their single, “I am an Island that Dreams,” by David Buley.

Luminos Ensemble strives to redefine the choral experience for audiences and singers alike by presenting innovative and thoughtful programs performed in a manner that engages the audience as active listeners. Their mission is to create extraordinary choral performances in their highest artistic excellence by evoking passionate, creative, and thoughtful musical narratives drawn from the entire thousand-year history of choral music. Their dedication extends to nurturing future generations, mentoring young musicians and educators PEI, and ensuring the tradition of ensemble singing continues to flourish within a rich tapestry of cultural diversity and shared experiences.

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