Kevin Lau: Under a Veil of Stars

Step into a realm where intimacy and cosmic grandeur intertwine, where the universal finds its voice within the particular. The St. John – Mercer – Park Trio proudly presents Kevin Lau: Under A Veil of Stars, an extraordinary album that delves into the depths of musical expression and transcends the boundaries of the ordinary. Embark on a journey that celebrates the sacred energy of music itself, as it takes you through realms of escapism, surreality, and temporality.

Under A Veil of Stars invites you to explore the spectrum of human emotions and experiences. Across nine captivating tracks, each brimming with its own distinct mood and theme, you are invited to interpret their profound meaning through the prism of your own unique perspective. Yet, the pinnacle of this musical odyssey lies in the album’s centerpiece—a magnum opus comprised of three movements, aptly titled “Under a Veil of Stars.” In this awe-inspiring composition, Lau weaves a tapestry that chronicles life’s three overarching stages—childhood, adulthood, and old age.

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2023, September 15

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