Duo Oriana | How Like a Golden Dream

Catalog Number: LM264

Release Date: March 17, 2023

UPC: 3191684102184


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Darkness, mystery, grief, rest, and quiet: night-time has inspired people to tell stories since before the written word. This music for voice and lute weaves together many perspectives on the night, from the courts and musical spheres of 17th-century England and Italy, to ancient folk melodies from Ireland and new compositions. Recalling the monastic rites of Vespers and Compline, this program seeks to create a beautiful and sacred space to contemplate the darkness through the lens of ancient music. In addition to familiar songs by John Dowland and Thomas Campion, there are rarely recorded and previously unrecorded songs by John Corprario and George Handford, as well as original arrangements for lute and voice.

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