Maureen Batt | Durme, Durme: Four Ladino Folk Songs

Catalog Number: LM2032

Release Date: February 3, 2023

UPC: 3191684102160

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Durme, Durme: Four Ladino Folk Songs is a personal exploration of a unique aspect of Elisha Denburg’s Jewish and musical heritage: Judeo-Spanish poetry and song. Although not a direct descendant of Jews who lived in—and were exiled from—the land called S’farad (Spain), these folk traditions have been shared in his family through the teachings and performances of his uncle, Moshe Denburg, and grandmother, Miriam Ben-Ezra Denburg. In this song cycle, each one tells a different story, yet all are interwoven, lyrically or conceptually. The poems’ traditional melodies have been used as springboards to a newly rendered work, in the Jewish tradition of “renewing days as of old.” 

Maureen Batt – Soprano

Tara Scott – Piano

Elisha Denburg – Composer