Up in the Morning Early

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Well before the Nationalist schools of the nineteenth century, Celtic music in general, and Scots tunes in particular, enjoyed a period of great popularity throughout Great Britain. Composers trained in the Italian art music of the time borrowed traditional Celtic melodies and used them to create musical hybrids which owed as much to the ornamental stylings of Corelli as to the fiddle and lute traditions of Scotland. Strangely, the actual Celtic composers, arrangers and publishers of the period, many of whom synthesized the traditional idioms of their native culture with real flair and affection, are often overlooked in explorations of what was dubbed the “Scots drawing room style” by the eighteenth-century music publisher James Johnson. The goal of this recording is to bring attention to these over-looked composers. The programme includes works by James Oswald, General John Reid, Edward Jones, William McGibbon, Turlough O’Carolan, and excerpts from the Rowallan and Straloch lute books.

John Come Kiss Me Now
The Poppy: Aria
The Poppy: Gavotta
The Hawthorn: Plaintive, amoroso
The Hawthorn: Allegro
The Hawthorn: Presto (jig)
Carolan's Farewell to Music
Bob Jordan
The Fairy Queen
Carolan's Concerto
Scot's Lament
The Berks of Endermay
Belsie Bell
I Never Knew I Loved Thee
Gypsies Lilt
The Canaries
For kissing for clapping for loving for proveing
Up in the Morning Early
Sonata in G: I. Andante
Sonata in G: II. Allegro
Sonata in G: III. Moderato Cantabile
Sonata in G: IV. Giga-Allegro
The Bonniest Lass in a the World
The Ranunculus: I. Aria
The Ranunculus: II. Allegro Andante
The Ranunculus: III. Tempo di minuetto
The Narcissus: I. Air
The Narcissus: II. Giga
Anhawdd ymadael
The Rising of the Lark
A Thousand Thank-yous
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