Jaap Nico Hamburger: Piano Concerto
Canadian composer Jaap Nico Hamburger presents his first recording with Leaf Music. Recorded at the Maison symphonique de Montréal under the direction of Vincent de Kort with pianist Assaff Weisman and Orchestra Métropolitain de Montréal. Jaap Nico Hamburger is a Canadian Music Centre Associate Composer; President and CEO, Orange Music Inc., a Vancouver music production company; Member of the Board of Directors of City Opera Vancouver (2010-2020); and in 2019 was named Mécénat Musica’s Composer in Residence.
Sonnet to the Moon
<div>Juno award-winning composer and flutist, Derek Charke was commissioned by the Halifax Camerata Singers to write “Sonnet to the Moon”, written for SATB chorus, a cappella and solo flute based on the poem of the same name by British poet Helen Maria Williams. (1759-1827) The Halifax Camerata Singers is Atlantic Canada’s premier chamber choir founded by Artistic Director Jeff Joudrey.</div> <h5></h5> <h5>The glitt'ring colours of the day are fled; Come, melancholy orb! that dwell'st with night, Come! and o'er earth thy wand'ring lustre shed, Thy deepest shadow, and thy softest light; To me congenial is the gloomy grove, When with faint light the sloping uplands shine; That gloom, those pensive rays alike I love, Whose sadness seems in sympathy with mine! But most for this, pale orb! thy beams are dear, For this, benignant orb! I hail thee most: That while I pour the unavailing tear, And mourn that hope to me in youth is lost, Thy light can visionary thoughts impart, And lead the Muse to soothe a suff'ring heart.</h5>
Sea Dreams
Luminous Voices, based in Calgary, Alberta, releases <em>Sea Dreams - </em>their third full-length album under the artistic direction of Timothy Shantz. Recorded at the Bell Concert Hall at Mount Royal University, <em>Sea Dreams</em> was composed by Peter-Anthony Togni and features guest artists: Jeff Reilly, bass clarinet/ Katie Partridge, soprano / Oliver Munar, tenor / Sarah Hahn-Scinocco & Sarah MacDonald, flute. <em>Sea Dreams</em> reflects the relationship between the ocean and the sea as a life metaphor, with its implicit suggestion of journeying, inward emotions and ever uncertainties. A continuation of Togni’s recent works, in which choral writing is blended seamlessly with unusual accompanying instrumental support. The framing movements of the work draw on texts from T.S. Elliot’s Four Quartets, with the middle movement employing the words of the Marian hymn “Alma Redemptoris Mater”.
Solace: Songs of Remembrance
Canadian composers claim the lion’s share of the playing time on the Halifax Camerata Singers’ 2009 recording, Solace: Songs of Remembrance. The project, which is dedicated to the memory of loved ones, features 12 choral compositions by nine of Canada’s best modern composers. The Halifax Camerata Singers is Atlantic Canada’s leading chamber choir. Since its founding in 1986 by Artistic Director Jeff Joudrey, the Nova Scotia ensemble has distinguished itself in performing choral repertoire covering all periods and styles. Known nationally for its high performance standards, Camerata was the 2008 recipient of the prestigious Galaxie Rising Star Award in the national choral competition co-sponsored by CBC/Radio-Canada and the Canada Council for the Arts. In addition to promoting choral singing throughout Nova Scotia, the Halifax Camerata Singers is proud to commission, perform, record and broadcast Canadian choral compositions. Recent commissions include works by Peter-Anthony Togni, Paul Halley, Eleanor Daley, and Stephen Smith.
Puneña No 2, Op. 45
Cellist Juan Sebastian Delgado brings a balance of masterful technique and passion to the work of Argentinian composer Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983). One of the most important composers of the 20th century, Alberto Ginastera embraced both old and new in the creation of an original style rooted in Argentine folk and popular music while incorporating increasingly modernist techniques. With this recording of Ginastera’s Puneña No. 2 “Hommage a Paul Sacher”, Delgado transports this solo cello work effortlessly through an exploration of the instrument as well as a wide range of extended techniques. Alcides Lanza, the renowned Argentinian/Canadian composer and a former student of Ginastera wrote, "An energetic and vigorous version of this important work by Ginastera. In the hands of cellist Delgado, a rendition of a very high technical and musical quality. Brilliant."
The Mirrors Never Lie
In his song cycle "Songs of a Wandering Soul," Toronto-based composer and pianist Saman Shahi explores his musical identity rooted in his Western Classical training, minimalism, Contemporary Art music, Progressive Rock and Iranian traditional music.  The music leaps back and forth between these worlds much like an immigrant trying to figure out a new place to belong.  The poetry used in this cycle is drawn from Shahi's teenage years where he was trying to navigate his new life in Canada with words in the early days of blogging. The third movement, "The Mirrors Never Lie" draws from both minimalism, and the idea of shifting meters in Jazz. The work displaces the pulse constantly to create an inner sense of groove that changes from measure to measure.  This project was made possible through support from the Canada Council for the Arts.
The Seeker
The “Seeker” is an archetype—a person who pursues dramatic experiences in search of meaning, pushing the limits of his/her abilities (and skirting the edge of danger in the process) in order to do find transcendence. The music is a sonic and physical exploration of the ‘daredevil’ spirit, found particularly in high-level athletes and performers. The playful, quick-footed tune that opens the piece unfolds largely without a harmonic ‘safety net’, careening through a variety of increasingly daring episodes, before returning to the opening few bars: a tranquil homecoming after a fulfilling journey. I am grateful to Victor Cheng, pianist and athlete extraordinaire, for so perfectly embodying the spirit of the “Seeker." -Kevin Lau, composer
Bathymetric Terrains
<iframe style="border: none; overflow: hidden;" src="https://open.spotify.com/follow/1/?uri=spotify:artist:18ZrdsOIGneKLficg0T7Wz&size=detail&theme=light" width="300" height="56" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> East Coast Music Award winning ensemble, Charke-Cormier Duo's sophomore album entitled 'Bathymetric Terrains' is a true departure from the conventional flute and guitar duo. JUNO award winning composer and flutist Derek Charke writes "Bathymetric Terrains muses on the ecology of oceans and tidal bays. Bathymetry is the measurement of water depths. This is a work about underwater terrains. It is a work which contemplates the fragile nature of underwater topographies and ecosystems. Bathymetric Terrains is an exciting journey beneath the ocean to discover new landscapes and sounds you've never heard before.
Vivaldi: Manchester Violin Sonatas
Mark Fewer and Hank Knox are well-known personalities in Canada. Both versatile musicians, they have performed throughout North America and are known for imparting a unique signature to their performances. Offering fresh and exciting interpretation of works from the past. This collection of exciting but little-known works for violin and harpsichord is thought to have been first penned by Antonio Vivaldi in 1726. However, the works were unknown until a manuscript was found in Manchester’s Central Library in 1976 and to date, few recordings of the complete collection exist. This is the first recording of the works by Canadian artists. The Sonatas were arranged and recorded by Fewer and Knox in January 2019 at Église St. Augustin, Mirabel, QC.
Resonance is the debut album of Canadian cello-marimba duo Stick & Bow. These classically trained musicians present original arrangements that span a wide spectrum of musical styles, from Bach to Radiohead. This album transforms the listening of familiar works in refreshing and unexpected ways while introducing the audience to daring new music from active composers.

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Exceptional Duo Becomes First Canadian Artists to Record Exquisite Sonatas Unearthed from a Manchester, UK Library in 1973.

“I’d be glad to hear these gentlemen play anything … they make me want to hear whatever else they want to do. The ensemble and intonation are perfect …” – American Record Guide